Fire Ant Brewing Company Plans to Build Brewery in Downtown Tomball

Although construction may not start until later this year, the site of the Fire Ant Brewing Company has been chosen, and will be located along Main Street where the Farmers Market was traditionally held.

UPDATE: Tomball City Council voted March 16 to approve an ordinance amendment. Fire Ant Brewing Company will grace Old Town Tomball with its presence in late 2015 or early 2016.

Bryan Kirk reports for The Houston Chronicle: Tomball is considering an ordinance that will allow a brewpub to open near the city’s historic depot. The downtown area is considered a mixed-use area, but does not include permitting for breweries or distilleries.

“We didn’t realize when we started talking about this brewpub going in, that it was not already an eligible use for old town mixed-use,” said Mayor Gretchen Fagan.

Craig Meyers, Tomball’s community development director, said the city needs to first define micro-brewery land use, not just for downtown but for the entire city.

The eventual arrival of a brewpub in downtown Tomball seems to be a logical next step for a city that has been working to attract tourists and weekend visitors.

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