Tomball Neighbors Save 3 Month Baby’s Life, Credit God

“I just thank the Lord that we were outside, that we were out here today. He put me in this position today, to help those people, so that’s what I’m grateful for. So I wouldn’t call me no hero, just being in the right place at the right time.”

Those are the words of Nicholas Diggs, a Tomball resident, who was out mowing his lawn when he heard a frantic mother’s screams.

ABC13 reports: A baby is recovering after nearly being run over by his mother’s SUV Saturday. That SUV began to roll down a driveway in northwest Harris County after investigators say a child put it in neutral. The Ford Expedition struck a stroller carrying the 3-month-old child. That stroller was dragged down the driveway, becoming wedged under the back tire. The baby was trapped.

“When I heard the scream, I saw the lady was trying to push the truck,” said Diggs. “When I ran over there, the baby was under the truck tire, so me and my two friends, they pushed the truck up and I grabbed the baby from up under the truck.”

Thanks to the mother, Diggs, and other quick thinking neighbors, the baby’s injuries were minor. Hopefully, someday, this traumatic incident will just be a crazy family story.

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