Restaurant Review: Juanita’s Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

Juanita’s Mexican Restaurant & Cantina has two locations, one off Louetta near 249 (pictured), and one off West TC Jester near 610.

First off, let me just state that I consider myself a connoisseur of Mexican food. I have been to many an eatery, from tiny burrito truck to elegant South American grill, and when it comes to crucial things like queso, handmade tortillas, guacamole, and margaritas, I am a bit of a snob. Let’s just put it this way; if you consider Taco Bell to be Mexican food, we cannot be friends!

So, let’s start with the margaritas. Juanita’s Mexican Restaurant & Cantina makes the very best margaritas I have ever had the great fortune of imbibing. They’re not overly sweet, they’re fresh and tart, pack a hefty punch, and come in a glass the size of a fish bowl. If I had an abuelita, this is the way she would make margaritas.

Juanita’s food is served on plates that are so hot, you may wonder whether they don’t cook their food over an active volcano. How the waiters carry them without mitts on I will never know. This is a bonus to me though, since I definitely prefer hot-off-the-grill food to the way it’s served at many other restaurants; lackadaisically warm.

If it’s your first time to Juanita’s, I recommend either the Superior or the Delux Dinner, because that way you get to try a variety of their specialties, including the beef taco, cheese enchilada, and tamale. The Delux includes guacamole, while the Superior adds a beef enchilada. I have to say, the cheese enchiladas are my guilty pleasure, but the tamales are very large and absolutely delicious. In fact, we ordered a bunch of tamales for Christmas dinner last year and plan to do so again this December.

My husband particularly likes Juanita’s chicken fajitas, but has been exploring other items on the menu lately too. A friend recently had the Fajitas Del Mar (which features bacon-wrapped scallops and shrimp) and really enjoyed it. We’ve honestly never had anything we didn’t like. My kids devour the refried beans and cheese enchiladas, although, there is a kid’s menu that includes familiar things like burgers and chicken fingers for the littles.

One of my favorite things about Juanita’s is the staff. Everyone is exceptionally friendly and loves seeing our kids. They play with the toddlers, hold the babies, and are extremely hospitable to families and large parties. It strikes me as being a family owned restaurant, and the prices are very reasonable, especially for the quality and quantity you get.

Speaking of parties, the Juanita’s off Louetta recently renovated and expanded to host more tables in a partially separate dining area that would be ideal for events. If you want more information about Juanita’s, including menus, online ordering, and driving directions, visit,

Please tell them you read this review on The Pink Armadillo! They don’t know we’re writing one 😉

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