Houston Residents React to Texas Open Carry as SB17 Bill Passes Senate, Heads to House

Y’all, this is big news. The Texas Senate just passed a bill that would make Texas an open carry state. Now, the bill still has to pass in the House, so it’s not actually law yet, but the news is still creating quite the brouhaha online.

While it’s already legal in Texas to openly carry big guns, such as rifles, it is currently illegal to carry a holstered handgun in such a way that people might see it. According to the bill, all gun carriers – whether they carry open or concealed – would still need a license to carry, but they could pack however they pleased.

What are your thoughts on open carry? Sound off in the comments!

Here’s the reaction of some Houston Area residents:

“The real truth is, the ones lawfully carrying (closed or open) aren’t the ones you have to worry about. And the ones that you should worry about don’t really care what the law says about how to carry.” ~ Brian

“I don’t want anyone to actually see I’m carrying. I don’t want to scare people.” ~ Nathan

“If you brazenly carry, those that may do you harm would. They most likely check for folks that do, and then simply make sure they kill you first, from behind, before committing their crime. Concealed seems to be the smartest way to carry protection. It keeps folks guessing, which in itself is a deterrent on some level.” ~ Tom

“Texas nail techs must have 600 training hours to be licensed. For concealed carry? 4 to 6 hours.” ~ Andrea

“One answer I’ve heard as to why there’s a push for open carry is because if you carry concealed but accidentally show it, it’s an offense. I don’t know exactly where I come down on the wisdom of carrying openly, but I support the right to. Also, I think it’s a bit ridiculous to be able to open carry long guns but not handguns, which is where current law stands.” ~ Felicia

“Right now, only police officers and criminals can open carry.” ~ Valente

“Open carry is stupid. It actually defeats the point of any citizen carrying. By being open, the criminal will most likely target you, making you the point of attack, or try to take your weapon. The true deterrent is in not knowing who is carrying.” ~ Jason

“It’s a good thing. I don’t want to have to worry about concealment or those uncomfortable, ugly, conceal holsters and holders. Concealed handgun license holders are the law abiding citizens, not the crooks. Crooks will do what they want. People wouldn’t be so scared of guns if we hadn’t covered them up so long ago.” ~ Rhonda

“Please don’t carry if you are not loaded and haven’t extensively practiced stress shooting. Not doing both will make you a statistic. Guns are not to be used as a threat. Once you draw, you better be ready to use it, and shooting a weapon out of someones hand or in the leg is only for Hollywood. Open carry on rifles is more than about AK47. There are many reasons to open carry. Standing on a street corner, in my opinion, isn’t one of them. Any private property owner can state ‘no concealed or open carry weapons’ on their property. Your rights end at their property line, so you won’t have an issue at HEB, the bank, or anywhere else.” ~ Matthew

“I worry more about safety and retention of the weapon than the wearer’s motives. You can’t grab my gun if you don’t know if I have one, or you don’t know where it is. Because they do draw attention.” ~ Brian

“Police officers mostly just investigate after a crime has been committed. Unless you live with one and they are with you all the time, they can’t prevent crime. Their job is to catch criminals. The threat of the judicial system can deter some criminals. Our police officers have a tough job, and I respect most of them, but unless we accept a police state, the first line of crime prevention is the potential victim.” ~ Matthew

“I respect people who carry. I really do. And I think people should know how to responsibly carry and use guns. But my heart is going to skip a beat every time I’m out shopping or whatever and some cocky kid walks in who is obviously packing.” ~ Jennifer

“I think Houston has a well behaved population. While we do have Mexican mafia and cartel here and we are number one in human trafficking, they are roaches afraid of the light. They know better than to mess with the population.” ~ Ruthie

2 thoughts on “Houston Residents React to Texas Open Carry as SB17 Bill Passes Senate, Heads to House

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  1. Isn’t it amazing that 44 other states have the right to open carry and so few problems are ever seen?

    We don’t see those who Open Carry being targeted for murder during robberies, we don’t see those who Open Carry being robbed of their firearms, We don’t see robber’s suddenly shooting people who have firearms.

    There are many reasons someone might want to open carry; such as

    A person has a disability that makes drawing from concealment much more difficult. Arthritis, amputation of an arm, etc — many medical conditions exist which makes the required actions to carry concealed (sweep cover garment back with one hand, draw with the other) difficult for them.

    Other medical conditions, such as Asthma which I suffer from, are aggravated by heat — having to wear thicker clothing in the summer time can be hazardous to my health. I’m often forced to choose between going unarmed and risking an asthma attack in order to comply with the law.

    I find your choice of image to use with this post interesting; instead of one of the many pictures available to show average people carrying firearms openly, you pick one of Clint Eastwood, from a movie, aiming a firearm at someone. Isn’t that a little manipulative ?

    Bob S.


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