Pho Ton Restaurant Brings Great Vietnamese Food & Boba to North-West Houston

Ever since Cafe Soleil closed, I’ve been searching for good boba tea in the Tomball area. Alas, the artisans of Vietnamese beverages are few and far between. Of course, Fantastic Pho & Royal Teahouse in Conroe is absolutely exquisite, but it’s a bit of a hike for North-West Houstonians. However, if you’re in The Woodlands or College Park area, GO THERE. I highly recommend it.

So, when Pho Ton Vietnamese Restaurant opened at 11910 Louetta (the same location as Cafe Soleil), I was mostly excited about the tea. That was silly of me, I know, but I was not disappointed. The boba is plentiful, dark, and chewy (not gooey), and there is a respectable assortment of drink options, including milk tea. I was really in for a surprise though when I enjoyed the food so much. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked Vietnamese food, but I downright LOVE Pho Ton’s soups. They have a broad menu including chicken, beef, and pork soups, which all come with your choice of rice noodles, egg noodles, or wontons, in addition to a massive quantity of veggies such as bean sprouts, carrots, herbs, and jalapenos (on the side).

The Pad Thai is also excellent, and not greasy at all, which is a plus for me because I don’t feel unhealthy after eating it. Everything on the menu is tailored to your preference in terms of spiciness level, so if you want it mild for the kids, or five alarm hot, they can make that happen for you.

The fresh spring rolls, or salad rolls, are excellent and are stuffed with rice noodles, large shrimp, lettuce, and herbs. While technically an appetizer, these are pretty large rolls, and if you order two rolls for $4 that could easily be a light lunch. The egg rolls are also good, and come with a number of the entrees or as an appetizer.

The grilled beef, pork, and chicken dishes all have a wonderfully bold flavor. Pretty much everything I’ve had so far comes with crushed peanuts (on the side) to sprinkle on top, and subsequently, crushed peanuts have become something of an addiction for me. There’s also a selection of vermicelli noodle plates and rice plates, as well as a vegetarian menu if you’re so inclined. Like Juanita’s Mexican Restaurant just down the street, Pho Ton is an eatery where we’ve never been disappointed.

The atmosphere is pretty and elegant, with relaxing indoor fountains, soothing colors on the walls, mood art, and a distinctly Asian vibe. While casual dress is totally acceptable, and kids are more than welcome, whoever did the decorating did an excellent job of making it feel classy and upscale.

Word to the Wise: Don’t forget to grab a punch card. Once it’s been stamped enough times, you get a free soup. In fact, my next soup is on the house!

For more information, check out their website at, and Like the Pho Ton Facebook Page.

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  1. My mother used to own cafe soleil, but closed it down due to stress and loss of trust and money because of her coworkers. I’m glad you liked our tea!


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