Holy Cow! Teen Girl Sells Steer for $300,000 at Houston Rodeo

It’s with a happy heart we report that Peaches the Steer was auctioned off for $300,000 at The Houston Rodeo this afternoon. The 2015 grand champion steer, drew $300,000 at the Houston Rodeo auction Saturday afternoon. Weighing a whopping 1,379 pounds, Peaches was raised by Caitlen Hope Doskocil of Holland, Texas. Caitlen is 17 years old and heads to Texas A&M this fall to become a dentist. She’s competed at the rodeo for near a decade.

Caitlin takes home $75,000 for Peaches, who was purchased by the J. Alan Kent, who promised that the massive steer would be donated back the the rodeo.

13 year old Caeley Cody of Weatherford also sold her reserve grand steer, Red Bull, for a tidy $280,000. Red Bull weighed 1,339 pounds.

The Houston Chronicle reports that two Montgomery County residents also had winners at the rodeo today. Claudia Feldman writes:

Shelby Winn, 10, in fourth grade at Lone Star Elementary in Montgomery ISD, raised a Santa Gertrudis named Lucky. She and her dad picked him because she could tell he was a really good, structurally sound calf. The first time she saw him he’d gotten his head stuck under a fence and he was trying so hard to get out he was nearly strangling himself. “He almost died. His neck was all swollen. But we still knew he was very, very good,” she said. “He gets excited. He loves the barn. He is sweet. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye; he’s a friend. But I have to be a pro. And after Lucky, I’ll get another steer.” The money she makes will go to her college fund. She wants to be a teacher, like her mom. Also, she’s aware that about half of these winners are girls. “Everybody says boys are better than girls, but this competition proves them wrong,” she said. “Girls can handle steers.”

Bailey Carwile, 15, a sophomore at Montgomery High School, has raised a Shorthorn roan (red and white) named Bubba J. “I’ve raised him since he was a baby, and I hoped to raise him to his fullest potential,” she said. “He’s gentle and sweet, like a puppy dog. We have a special relationship.” She manages him, all 1,303 pounds, because she’s worked with him so much he knows what to do. At 15, she’s been raising steers for seven years. “This is my passion and love,” she said. “I plan to go to Texas A&M and get a degree in animal science.”

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