Horrible: Woman Gets Tomball & Jesus on National News with Vile Tantrum About a Toddler at HEB

A Texas woman’s video rant about a poorly behaved child she observed inside of a grocery store has gone viral, with her suggestion that the mother should “kill it, give it away or leave it at home” raising quite a few eyebrows. – The Blaze

Tomball, Spring, and the Greater North Houston Area are home to some of the most family friendly communities I’ve ever known. We live in a place where chivalry is NOT dead, men hold doors for ladies, and people wave when you pass them on the road. But, I guess every community has some bad eggs.

Meet Kathleen Smith. Kathleen – bless her heart – got Tomball and “baby Jesus” (who is likely face-palming right about now) on the national news today, when an irate rant she filmed went viral on YouTube. The rant was apparently inspired by a toddler at HEB who had a meltdown.

Sadly, Kathleen doesn’t appear to be any more mature than the kid.

Among other unpleasantries, Kathleen says, “There are two answers to this; kill it, give it away, or leave it at home. If it’s got a problem, leave it at home.” She also said, “Please, Jesus, let there be something wrong with that child that makes it do that, because if not, I would like to know why that woman hasn’t beaten the f*** out of it yet.”

So far, the video has over 65,000 views on YouTube. Here it is, but be aware that it’s VERY OFFENSIVE – NSFW / Strong Language / Not For Kids:

Y’all, this sickens me. This is not why Tomball (or Jesus for that matter) should ever be in the national spotlight. We are a great community that loves children, is sympathetic to special needs and mentally disabled people, and that is supportive of parents and families.

As the mother of two very young children, I’d also like to add that we are the kind of community where, if your kid has a meltdown at the grocery store, the majority of people will be nice, and smile understandingly, and even try to help you cheer your kid up. Yeah, there’s always one or two that look rather shocked, but I’ve never had anyone get nasty, and this woman takes nasty to a whole new level.

One of the reasons I founded The Pink Armadillo is because I am so darn proud of this city, our community, that I want to showcase and honor the amazing people who make our community one of the best places to live in the USA.

As we grow our readership and editorial team, you’re going to see interviews and articles about fascinating individuals; entrepreneurs, artisans, authors, ranchers, chefs, law enforcement, painters, and musicians … There are so many diverse and fascinating people right here in our home town, and those are the folks we should be famous for.

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