Ya Know That 249 Toll Road Thing? Well, It’s Happening For Real On Sunday, April 12!

Tomball’s Texas 249 has been under construction for years, and flanked by signs reading “future toll road” for who knows how long. On April 12, it’s OPENING. Yes. We’ll finally be able to pay money to use the road that’s been causing us traffic jams for 12+ months. But I digress …

Harris County Toll Road Authority just announced that the first segment of the Tomball Tollway will open on Sunday, April 12. It will start just north of Spring Cypress Road and end just north of FM 2920. To be clear, the Tomball Tollway is in the median of Texas 249, but the outer lanes will remain open and free (I’m guessing by “outer lanes” they’re meaning the feeder road, but I’m not 100% sure. Anyone know? Please post in the comments).

On Sunday, April 12, city officials and the Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce, will host a stroll along the new tollway before any rubber graces it’s face. Then there will be a ceremony to celebrate the formal opening of the new 249.

If this alleviates the traffic congestion along 249 at the Spring Cypress and Louetta Road intersections, I know I won’t be alone in my relief.

Also, you should be aware that there will be a total closure of the southbound 249 frontage road starting now, from Greens Road down to the Beltway 8 exit, every Sunday through July, from 2:00 AM to 12:00 PM / noon.

Yeah. So don’t go South on 249 on Sundays before let’s say … mid afternoon … if you value your sanity or time at all. It’s already bad there. This will turn it into a parking lot.

Harris County Tollroad Authory recommends that south-bound 249 travelers who want to access Beltway 8 / Sam Houston Tollway should take the Gessner Exit, turn right on Gessner, then make a right on the Beltway 8 / Sam Houston Tollway frontage road, and pray they can somehow reach the tollway.

I hope, for your sake, that your church isn’t down that way, because you probably won’t be able to get there until mid summer.

The point of the Sunday closure is so that construction crews can safely work in preparation for the southbound 249 direct connector ramp to westbound Sam Houston Tollway.

“Drivers should expect major delays in the area.” ~ Harris County Tollroad Authority

Ya think?

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