Thanks to Cisco’s Mexican Restaurant, Old Town Tomball Eateries Can Now Serve Margaritas!

During 3 O’Clock Everywhere Happy Hour at Cisco’s, select margaritas, beer, wine, wells, and appetizers are only $3, 2:00 – 4:00 PM.

Last summer, business owner Laura Wilson began a campaign to overturn a 70 year old law prohibiting the sale of distilled alcohol in Old Town Tomball. Wilson is co-owner of Cisco’s Mexican Restaurant (AKA Cisco’s Salsa Company), along with her husband, Dennis Henderson.

“We didn’t just do this for us,” Henderson explained. “Now anybody in the eight block area of historic Tomball can get a liquor license.”

Houston Chronicle reports,  “The issue was placed on the November ballot, and was overwhelmingly passed, receiving 82 percent of the votes. After the election was canvassed, Wilson and Henderson purchased Nonnie’s, a 1950s style ice cream and sandwich shop near the depot, and began devoting considerable time to making changes at that establishment.”

Cisco’s Salsa Company will receive their new liquor license during the first week of April. Prior to the new law, restaurants and bars had to have a “club license” in order to sell hard liquor and mixed drinks, which Cisco’s did already have, but the law was very prohibitive to both established and aspiring restaurateurs.  Thanks to Wilson’s dedication and hard work, new businesses are sprouting up all over Tomball that wouldn’t have been possible just a few months ago.

Last month, Tomball City Council and the Planning & Zoning Commission also amended the city’s ordinances to allow microbreweries, so that the much anticipated Fire Ant Brewpub can come to town.

Brautigam’s Bar and Grill, next door to Nonnie’s, opened during the Tomball Honky Tonk Festival. Owner Dana Kelly, who also owns The Empty Glass, said that without the change in the law they wouldn’t be here.

“We wouldn’t have opened if we could not have full mixed beverages,” Kelly said. “We own the wine bar next door, and we always have people coming in there who want mixed drinks or martinis and our common answer was, ‘Well, we do too.’ We love downtown Tomball.”

A big THANK YOU to Cisco’s for their hard work making Tomball more amenable to new and established businesses! Visit for upcoming events, menu, and more.

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