Rhonda Townsend: Colour Nail Bar Entrepreneur, Artist, & Community Leader

As a minority female business owner, Rhonda Townsend has never let societal norms or other people’s limitations hold her back. Her bubbly disposition and outgoing personality always make her the life of the party, or in the case, the life of her salon, Colour Nail Bar.

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Rhonda’s talent lies in being able to conceptualize her dreams, mapping out the business steps that will get her where she wants to go, and then patiently and carefully implementing each step toward the realization of her goals.

Rhonda’s motto, “Be you. Live you. Love you,” exemplifies her spirit of enthusiasm, ambition, and respect for individuality. In fact, her reputation for inspirational has landed her a speaking engagement at Woman The Powerhouse Global Conference this coming September in London, England.

Drawing from her experience serving at major corporations including Exxon, Hewlett-Packard, and Insperity, Rhonda propels the Colour Nail Bar brand and motivates her team with her tried and true leadership skills. She is also very active in her community. Just a quick glance at her LinkedIn page reveals that she’s volunteered as a youth mentor, and leveraged her brand to support breast cancer research and to fight human trafficking.

A fan expresses enthusiasm by sharing a photo via Twitter.

Rhonda’s generous and enthusiastic spirit is reflected in the friendliness of her team at Colour Nail Bar, a concept salon in the growing city of Spring. Everything, from the vibrant décor to the very layout of our beauty stations, is geared to encourage social interaction and bolster the confidence and self esteem of clients.

In short, Rhonda is in the business of spreading joy, and she has a particular passion for empowering the women of Spring, Texas.

The Pink Armadillo caught up with Rhonda earlier this week for an interview. Here’s her perspective on launching a business, the northwest Houston community, and what it’s like being a female minority business owner:

Rhonda (right) and her sister Roslyn (left) with Vincent Powell of American Idol after he performed during a party at Colour Nail Bar.

What inspired you to launch a nail salon?
Well, we were looking at business concepts that we as a family could rally around and use to make an impact in people’s lives. We realized that as beauticians we’d have a captive audience and could connect with people on a personal level. In the thirty-plus-minutes it takes to make our clients feel beautiful, we hope to make a positive and memorable impact on them.

What makes Colour Nail Bar different from other salons?
First, it’s a fabulous place to hang out, meet new friends, and just connect with others. As women we love to socialize, so why not do it while getting our nails done, right? Secondly, we have a beverage bar, and that speaks for itself! Thirdly, we pride ourselves on sanitation and healthy nails. That means we never pop off your acrylics, use tools and buffers without sanitizing, disinfecting, and sterilizing, nor will we use those nasty cheese graters (that are against Texas rules) on your feet! I’m really proud to say that our pedicures are diabetic-safe.

Clients enjoying wine and pedicures during a salon themed birthday party.

What’s the next step for your business?
We’re looking to expand our service offerings to give our clients what they’ve been asking for. We actually have a newsletter for our VIP clients if you’d like to be the first to get details! One of the new events we just launched is our weekly Happy Hour, every Monday through Thursday, from 2PM to 4PM. We’re offering fifty percent off our Essential Manicure service, which means you can get a relaxing soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, lotion massage, and polish or buff, for just $9.50. We’re hoping the offer will encourage moms and friends to visit together and get some quality TLC.

Any advice for others who dream of starting their own business?
Step out on faith and go for it. Give life to your dreams and make it happen. I’d make sure I started off with a business consultant who can walk you through the many functional areas of your business. Many people have the technical expertise, talent, or gift to have and build a dream, yet lack business acumen. So, my suggestion is to get advice from those who’ve walked the path before, and can offer pointers and areas to watch out for. The SBA Small Business Development Centers and SCORE are great resources to start.

What’s your favorite thing about the Spring community, and what made you pick Spring as home for Colour Nail Bar?
I love how genuine and friendly the people are! It really was inspiration that lead us to open in Spring. People deserve quality without having to travel outside of their community to get upscale, friendly nail services.

You can learn more about Rhonda and Colour Nail Bar, and book an appointment, at www.ColourNailBar.com.

Check out more fun nail art design photos on Instagram.

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