It’s Slug & Snail Season in Houston! 6 Ways To Get Rid of Pesky Mollusks

Did you know that slugs and snails are mullusks, just like sea snails, squids, octopuses, and cuddlefish? Me either. I Googled it. Another interesting tidbit is that the Yellow Garden Slugs commonly sighted in the Houston area (and which are NOT yellow, unless you consider phlegm green to be yellow), are being used in medical research to develop vaccines for dangerous infections such as botulism and tetanus. Who knew?

The “Yellow” Garden Slug. See what I mean? Not yellow. Yellow is a happy color.

Nevertheless, as fascinating as these little blobs of slime may be, they can become pests when they overrun your yard, invade your home, or eat your garden. So, here are a few tips on how to get rid of these pesky little critters:

1. Slugs dislike dry, dusty or scratchy surfaces, such as lime, diatomaceous earth, cinders, coarse sawdust, gravel or sand. You can use these to create slug barriers around your garden, porch, etc..

2. Sprinkle Epson Salts in areas that you want to reserve as slug and snail free zones. The sodium deters them because it dehydrates the poor little goobers.

3. Vinegar not only deters slugs, but will wash away their slimy little trails. Mix a solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle, and go to town.

4. Plant mint, chives, garlic, geraniums, foxglove, or fennel, and the snails and slugs will think your garden an odious stink-pot and eat your neighbor’s instead.

5. If you find slugs munching on your potted plants, put petroleum jelly around the base and tops of the pots, or, use a plate under your pot and fill it with water to create a moat that snails and slugs won’t want to cross.

6. It is commonly known that mollusks have no willpower. So, fill a saucer with beer and leave it on your porch overnight. They’ll all have a party and drink themselves to death. We kid you not.

Any other great ideas for getting rid of slugs and snails? Please post in the comments!

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