North Houston Mother & Daughter Chased by Violent Driver, License Plate #DRZ 0230

Spring Happenings reports: A very scary situation for a mother and daughter, last night. Please read the following statement from an anonymous viewer who wanted to share this story so everyone can be aware and on the lookout:

Tonight (April 22, 2015) my daughter and I were on our way home from a baseball game.  We turned into the neighborhood via Sorrel Ridge from Louetta. Fairly quickly the right lane ends.  I noticed a car staying in that right lane. But it was far enough behind me that I new he wasn’t going to collide with me.  So, he pulled behind me as we approached the stop sign.  I waited for the car in front of me to pull away from the stop sign and then I stopped.   At that time the car behind me pulled over to the left and swerved around me, running the stop sign.  His driving was erratic.  So, I hung back. He violently swung from left to right. Then he stopped at the stop sign at Coltwood.  Well, this is my way home and I didn’t assume this was going to be an issue.  So, he turned right onto Coltwood and I did too.  He turned left on to Cypress Spring and I did too.  Again, this was my way home.  He went straight on Cypress Spring heading towards Cypresswood drive, so I thought. So, I pulled on to my street, Chapel Square pulled over and called 911.  As he sped towards Cypresswood I could see him almost crash twice.  Then I lost site of him.  While on the phone with the dispatcher I saw the car, an older model (80’s) black cadillac with a trunk that won’t close and was being held down with bungee cords, speed past my street.  And then he sped past again.  Then a minute or so later he came down my street and pulled up behind me.  I didn’t wait to see what he was going to do.  So I slowly crept forward until I was speeding towards Tall Cypress to Cypressdale and then onto Kuykendahl.  I headed south on Kuykendahl.  I ran every stop sign, as did the black car.  I stayed in my left lane on Kuykendahl so he wouldn’t have a good shot at me.  My daughter was lying on the floor board in the back seat.  I ducked as he passed me.  I breathed a sign of relief until he pulled into the Music Rack and seemingly did a uturn to come at me again!!! I didn’t wait to see where he went. I flew to precinct 4 all the while on the phone with the 911 dispatcher.  I met the police at precinct 4.  I gave them the license plate, same as I’d given it to the dispatcher, DRZ 0230.  The officer confirmed it was a black cadillac but it was registered in Alvin. He said he would be in pursuit.  I left my vehicle at the police station and had my husband pick up my daughter and I. I’m not sure what all of it was about.  I hope I never know.  But for everyone…PLEASE be very alert to your surroundings!!!!!  I’m not sure what I did that made this person chase me down, I supposed I came to a full stop at a stop sign.  Regardless, I should have turned on a different street when I first felt something was amiss.

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