Parkway Chevrolet Hosts “Hail Sale” On 600 Restored Vehicles That Recieved Storm Damage

It’s sad news for the men and women who own and are employed by Parkway Chevrolet off 249 in Tomball. Recent hail storms dinged and dented approximately 600 vehicles displayed in their sales lot. They’re coming back strong though with a massive “Hail Sale,” repairing the damage as much as possible before selling the cars at thousands off the sticker price. 

Thankfully, vehicles under overhangs and in the showroom were spared.  You can view Parkway Chevrolet’s inventory here.

KHOU reports: A car dealership is planning on holding a “hail sale” in the coming days, slashing prices by thousands of dollars to help move some of the inventory after a hail storm damaged vehicles.

Andrew Clark has been Parkway’s finance manager for 10 years. He recorded cell phone video of the hail from his nearby home and immediately headed over to the dealership.

“It was devastation,” said Clark. “All the salesmen were looking at all the cars. And everyone was in shock of how bad it really was.”

In all, the storm caused about 3 and a half million dollars in damage.

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