Another Day, Another Drug Tunnel: US Border Patrol Discover Underground Passage from Tijuana to San Diego

Photo via California Border Patrol / CBP

Well isn’t that just lovely? The US Border Patrol has discovered an underground tunnel running from a little house in Tijuana, Mexico, to a secret entrypoint just west of the San Ysidro port in San Diego, California.

So yeah, this isn’t exactly “Greater Tomball area news,” but as y’all know, when it comes to any lapses in border security, Texans have an invested concern. Over 75 drug smuggling and human traficking tunnels have been discovered since 2008, so we’re averaging about 10 tunnel-busts per year. How many do you want to bet we’re not finding?

FOX News Latino reports: U.S. Border Patrol agents have found a suspected drug tunnel with lighting and a rail-car system that connected to a home across the border in Tijuana, Mexico.

Lauren Mack (pictured right) said agents patrolling west of the San Ysidro port of entry Tuesday morning found a sinkhole close to the U.S. border fence that opened up into the tunnel.

Mack says the tunnel was about 220 yards in length, had a cart inside and the walls shored up. But it was still under construction.

Mack says no drugs were found, and no arrests have been made.

Drug cartels have increasingly turned to tunnels to smuggle their loads into the United States. More than 75 tunnels have been discovered along the border since 2008.

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