Flash Flooding: Many Rescued from Chest-Deep Rushing Water, Mom & Children Trapped in Car

Last night, Lake Creek in Montgomery, Lake Conroe, and many other bodies of water in the Greater North Houston Area crept over their banks. Nearly invisible pools of black water drowned lower areas of many roadways, leading to one mom’s worst nightmare.

Around 9:30 PM, as she rounded a corner, she encountered a quickly rising flash flood. Before she could escape, her car had lost power steering and water began trickling in. The rushing water, which had overrun its banks of Lake Creek, rose so high that it soaked the car seats and her headlights went out.

Firefighters kept the terrified mother on the phone and tried to calm her as they sped toward the situation and successfully rescued them. TXDOT also arrived on the scene to set up warning signs in hopes that other drivers could avoid the nightmare that poor mom and her kids endured.

Where’s all this water coming from? KHOU reports: “From Air 11 you can see the problem. Water is being released from Lake Conroe, because of heavy rain. Downstream it’s caused flooding along Lake Creek, it flows into the San Jacinto River.”

By 1:00 AM Lake Conroe had completely swollen over its banks. With its dam overflowing at a rate of 6,387 cubic feet per second (CFS), the lake, which is usually 75 feet deep, had grown to a dangerous 202 feet and continued to rise.

The Magnolia Fire Department evacuated many people off Churchill Downs near Jackson Street just south of 105, where some were trapped in chest-deep water.

FM 149 is completely submerged at Karen-Switch Road, and TXDOT has blocked it off.

So far, no fatalities or injuries have been reported, but the damage to homes, businesses, and property will be substantial.


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