Midland County Sheriff Says Texas Will Send ISIS Intruders Straight To Hell

Nearly a whole year ago, Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter told CNN and FOX News that if ISIS intruders “show their ugly head in our area, we’ll send them to hell.” Now, with confirmed stories of human trafficking, drug tunnels, and ISIS camps at the border, Sheriff Painter’s bold words have now gone viral on social media.

Sheriff Painter spoke out despite massive pressure to the contrary saying that ISIS was indeed in South America and crossing the Mexican-American border unchecked. Watch:

“I think it’d be naive to say that (ISIS is) not here…We have found Muslim clothing, they have found Quran books that are lying on the side of the trail, so we know that there are Muslims that have come across and are being smuggled into the United States,” Sheriff Painter told Fox News.

“I’m saying the border is wide open, there is no control on the border, it’s not shut off,” said Sheriff Painter. “There’s places along the Rio Grande you can walk across, there’s no water in it. I worked the border for eight years I walked back and forth across the Rio Grande; I was in Mexico, I was on this side. I never got challenged … There’s always a way to get across, there’s coyotes that bring those people across for thousands of dollars.”

Sheriff Painter’s advice to Obama is clear and conclusive:

“They need to bomb ‘em, they need to take ‘em out. I would like for ’em to hit ’em so hard and so often that every time they hear a propeller on a plane or a jet aircraft engine that they urinate down both legs.”

h/t Houston CBS

Read more about Sheriff Gary Painter

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