Hero Cop Stops Wrong-Way Drunk Driver With Head-On Collision in North Houston

Photo courtesy of Scott Engle, Montgomery County Police Reporter

A courageous Houston police officer took “protect and serve” to a bold new level early this morning before dawn. An unnamed Harris County Precinct 4 Constable saved an untold number of lives when he made a split second decision to ram his SUV head-on into the truck of a wrong-way driver. The driver of that truck is believed to have been intoxicated.

Montgomery County Police Reporter says, “The deputy was eastbound on the feeder of the North Sam Houston Toll Road near Greens Crossing when he met a pickup truck coming head-on at him. The deputy placed his patrol car in front of the wrong way driver stopping him dead in his tracks when they hit almost head on. If he had not been where he was, the vehicle could easily traveled another several hundred yards and entered the main lane of the North Sam Houston Toll Road. The deputy or the driver of the truck were not injured in the incident.”

The driver has been detained for possible intoxication, among other charges.

We are eager to learn the name of this brave officer so we can thank him and give him the recognition he deserves! While thankfully he wasn’t injured, this was truly an example of self-sacrifice and incredible bravery. Be sure to send messages of thanks via the Harris County Precinct 4 Facebook Page.

The incident occurred on the eastbound feeder road of North Sam Houston Parkway near the exit for Greens Crossing.

Also from Montgomery County Police Reporter today: A good sized alligator was taken into custody this morning in a suburban yard in Montgomery. Can you imagine finding THAT in your kid’s yard?! YIKES. But with all the flash flooding we’ve had lately, it’s not surprising these guys are getting disoriented and wandering out of their normal territory. Keep your eyes open y’all! READ MORE.

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