Review: Wacky Mongolian Grill in Vintage Park, “A Bold Twist On Asian Cuisine”

Wacky Mongolian Grill is a new go-to restaurant in our home. It’s a bold twist on Asian cuisine, and it’s not the typical restaurant model you’re used to either. How’s it so different? Let me count the ways …

A chef cooks up dinner at Wacky Mongolian Grill Grill in Vintage Park. Photo via Albert Lim on Facebook.

First, you grab your metal bowl. It looks a bit like a dog bowl, but don’t fret.

Then you grab a laminated card where you check side selections with a dry erase marker. These include fried rice, udon noodles, rice noodles, etc.. I highly recommend the udon noodles. They’re a bit like Italian gnocchi, but in pasta form (light, fluffy, and yum).

The spice rack! Photo by Albert Lim via Facebook.

Now it’s time to go to the buffet, where you’ll see a selection of raw and finely diced beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, fish, scallops, and tofu. Fill your bowl half up with one, or a combo of your favorites.

Now you move to the spice rack. Sprinkle on some lemon pepper, ginger, garlic, dried onions … whatever you want.

Now for the sauces. You should find some little cups on the right. Fill a cup with the sauce(s) you want. Some of these are ridiculously spicy, so if you’re not sure what they are, ask. I once made the mistake of pouring my sauce directly on my raw meat, and was chided by the artistic chef, because if they cook the sauce too long the sugars will burn off, so they like to add those once the meat is almost done cooking. Moral: Use the cup.

An overflowing raw produce buffet. Photo by Albert Lim via Facebook.

Then you get to the fun part: your fruits, veggies, and nuts. There’s an assortment of everything here from jalapenos to pineapple. Carrots, onions, sugar snap peas, chestnuts, peppers, bean sprouts, broccoli … pretty much anything you can think of … Oh! And my favorite, CASHEWS.

Now you hand your concoction over to the chef, and if you’re really lucky, he will sing while he cooks it. You see, behind the buffet there’s a big stove covered in a giant circular griddle, and you’ll see 2-4 chefs busy around it most of the time.

Note that if you have food allergies you’ll want to ask them to cook your food on a separate, clean griddle. Typically, all the dishes are cooked on the same big griddle, and I’ve found a renegade pea or stray bit of broccoli in mine before.

This is a very fun place. Really tasty build-it-yourself food, ample portions, and reasonably priced meals. The kids love it, and you will not leave hungry. In fact, if anything, you’ll leave with a takeout box.

A Little History: In the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries, the great warrior Genghis Khan and his soldiers from the grassed plateau land of Mongolia conquered many countries from China to Hungary and established one of the greatest empires the World has ever known. They were considered nomads and traveled from country to country. Legend has it that after a long day of hunting, Genghis Khan and his Mongolian warriors would pitch camp and prepare extravagant feasts. Using their swords, the warriors would prepare diced meats, combined with an array of locally found vegetables. Using their spectacular sauces spices, they grilled their creations on their up-turned metal shields over a red-hot blazing fire.

Wacky Mongolian Grill  |  134 Vintage Park Blvd., Houston, TX, 77070  |  281.251.3878

Photo by Shanna Paul via Facebook.

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