Rest In Peace: Houston Police Officer Richard Martin Dies in the Line of Duty

The Houston Police Department has just announced: It is with heavy hearts that we announce we have lost one of our own in the line of duty. Officer Richard Martin was struck and killed by a suspect vehicle during a pursuit. He was a 4-year veteran of HPD.

Houston Police Officer Richard Martin

A white male suspect, who carjacked a victim in a minivan, intentionally ran down Officer Martin with the van, so that he died at the scene. The suspect is in custody.

Please keep Officer Martin’s family and the men and women of HPD in your thoughts and prayers. Officer Martin has an adult daughter and a young son.

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland has said, “The men and women of HPD, this is what they do day in and day out to keep this city safe. Obviously, we have to chase and apprehend suspects throughout our community. They make our neighborhoods unsafe.

“With the combination of Police Week, this is what is so important for the public to understand: These men and women are heroes. A coward and a hero both understand and feel fear, but it’s what the hero is willing to do that separates him from the coward. The men and women of HPD, they think of others before they think of themselves. This is an inherently – inherently – dangerous job.

“Despite the tools and training that we give our officers to try to keep them as safe as possible, it’s very, very dangerous. We need to stay focused on the behavior of criminal suspects, like the criminal suspect who survived in this incident. What are we going to do with people who continue to do this, and endanger our communities?”

HPD Chief Charles McClelland, Westside Patrol Captain Paul Follis, Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson, and Houston Police Officers’ Union President Ray Hunt made comments on the death of HPD Officer Richard Martin this morning.

Officer Richard Martin was intentionally struck and killed by a vehicle as he set up spike strips at the intersection of N Kirkwood Road and St. Mary’s Lane during a vehicle pursuit at approximately 2:30 am.

Officers from the Houston Police Department were pursing the U-Haul van after it had been carjacked in North Houston. The driver of the vehicle fired several shots at officers during the pursuit before bailing out, carjacking a second vehicle, and fleeing again. Officer Martin was in the process of deploying spike strips when the driver intentionally struck him with the stolen vehicle.

The vehicle continued to flee until stopping on the 45 North Freeway. The subject attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself as officers initiated a felony traffic stop. The man was taken into custody suffering a non-fatal gunshot wound.

Officer Martin had served with the Houston Police Department for four years. He is survived by his two children.

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