Creepy Cop Impersonator Tried To Pull Over Real Tomball Police Officer!

At around 2:45 on Wednesday, May 20, 21 year old Bennjair Pina-Torres decided to pretend he was a cop and pull over a cute petite blond. Turns out, that lovely lady was Sgt. Rebecca Carlisle of the Tomball Police Department. Oops!

“When I flagged him over, he went on. He didn’t continue with the traffic stop. My view, if he was really going to pull me over, he can follow me all the way to the police station,” Carlisle said.

Sgt. Rebecca Carlisle pursued the impostor until he was pulled over and taken into custody.

Not only did Carlisle call Pina-Torres’ bluff, she dialed 911 and pursued the creeper to a nearby Christmas tree farm, Spring Creek Growers. There, her comrades in blue converged on Pina-Torres and he was taken into custody, charged with impersonating a cop, a 3rd degree felony. Unfortunately, the most he’ll likely face is jail time and a fine.

So what do you do if you’re not sure the person pulling you over is a real cop?

“Call 911. I guarantee you an operator will say we have a law enforcement officer who is attempting to pull you over,” Carlisle said.

She also stated, “We work very hard to earn the community’s respect, and this guy goes and gets equipment that we do our best to earn. There’s a huge trust issue with the community and law enforcement to initiate a traffic stop on a woman or a male. They need to know that they’re trustworthy; that it is a police officer. Unfortunately, when this happens that trust is lost.”

Who is this awesome Sgt Carlisle?  Well, she’s got a reputation for excellance. Back in 2010, the Tomball Police Department posted to their Facebook:

“Congratulates Sgt. Rebecca Carlisle Johnson for being named Public Safety Officer of the Month, April, 2010. Her work with Explorer Post 5451, and various other community outreaches, has strengthened the Tomball Police Department’s ties to the Tomball Community greatly.”

h/t FOX 26

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