Texas Senate Passes Open Carry, But Changes Send Bill 910 Back To The House

Open Carry Bill 910 has passed in the Texas Senate, however, changes have sent it back to the House, so don’t go flaunting your 2nd Amendment rights just yet.

Bob Price at Breitbart News reports, The Texas Senate gave final passage to House Bill 910, the bill that would allow concealed carry license holders to openly carry a handgun. The bill was passed out of the Senate during a late night Memorial Day weekend session with a vote of 20-11. Senator Joan Huffman (R-Houston) was the lone Republican voting against the bill.

The debate on the bill lasted more than six hours. The marathon debate centered mostly around an amendment by Senator Donald Huffines (R-Dallas) that would restore the “Dutton Amendment” that was originally in the bill passed by the House. The amendment was stripped from the bill during a Senate committee hearing by Senator Craig Estes (R-Wichita Falls) who was carrying the bill in the Senate.

The amendment would prohibit a police officer from stopping a person who was openly carrying a handgun to ask them if they have a license. The officer would have to have some other reason or suspicion to make the stop and the inquiry.

Senator Huffman objected to this amendment from Sen. Huffines. Citing officer safety and police concerns, Huffman offered an amendment to Huffines’ amendment that would increase the penalty for a non-licensed person to openly carry a handgun. The penalty would have increased from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class II felony. Huffman said this would be a reasonable deterrent to keep non-licensed people from openly carrying a handgun. Her amendment to the amendment was tabled by a wide margin as Democrats voted with Republicans to defeat her measure.

Continue Reading at Breitbart News

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