Harris County Police Officer Rescues Disoriented Jaywalker of the Reptilian Persuasion

This morning during Northwest Houston’s Sunday morning church rush, a displaced turtle was seen scuttling across Spring Cypress Road near the intersection with Grant. Confused and disoriented by recent flash flooding, the rattled reptile resorted to jaywalking across the busy street, narrowly escaping death several times. 

A Red Eared Slider smiled for the camera.

Things were looking grim.

Thankfully, a kind Harris County Police Officer happened by, turned on his lights, and pulled over to rescue the tiny taciturn Texan. We are very happy to report that the turtle was able to successfully cross the road. Hopefully he (or she) made it back to whatever creek or pond they’d been washed out of.

Many animals – both wild and domestic – are finding themselves disoriented and displaced after the recent heavy rains and flash floods. If you spot an animal in need of rescue, you can contact the following specialists who are affiliated with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department:

Name City Specialization Contact Info
Cheadle, Diane Seabrook Reptiles (specializes in turtles/tortoises) 281-474-3383 (leave message if no answer)
Cook, Diane Houston Small mammals (speciales in raccoons and squirrels) 713-983-9093 (24hrs) or 713-562-4507 (24hrs)
Dennis, Stanley Houston Small mammals Refer through TWRC: 713-468-8972
Fairlie, Jae North Houston Birds (including raptors), Small Mammals (specializing in squirrels, raccoons, skunks, & bats), Reptiles and Amphibians 281-445-8138 (10a-9p) or 281-445-8738 (9a-6p) or malachi13@peoplepc.com
Friends of Texas Wildlife Magnolia Small mammals (including fawns), Birds (including raptors) and Reptiles/Amphibians 281-259-0039 (8a-8p) or ftwl.center@gmail.com
Gibson, Lisa Tomball Small mammals (including fawns) and Birds (excluding raptors) 281-516-0739 (reasonable hours)
Gresko, Jeannie Houston Small mammals (specializes in squirrels) Refer through TWRC: 713-468-8972 or mjgresko@yahoo.com
Gullick, Carl Tomball Small mammals (specializes in squirrels, raccoons, and opossums) 281-351-2998 (9a-7p) or 713-557-4474 (9a-7p) or 281-859-6555 (8a-6p) or carl.n.gullick@uth.tmc.edu
Hall, Mary Huffman Small mammals, birds (raptor care NTE 48 hrs) 281-324-1609 (6am – 8pm)
Hamouie, Tammie Houston Squirrels Only (281) 935-2408 or (281) 550-2769 (7am – 11pm)
Head, Nancy Central Houston Small mammals (excl. skunks and raccoons) 713-722-0508 (weekdays: 7pm – 9pm or 9am – 9pm weekends), or TWRC
Hood, Constance Cypress Mammals (incl. deer) 281-469-7455 (5:30pm – 10pm)
Hudson, Sonora Central Houston Small mammals (specializes in squirrels, opossums, and raccoons) 713-928-2751 (evenings and weekends)
Johnson, Michele Friendswood Birds (incl. raptors), small mammals 281-992-8080 (reasonable hours)
Krueger, Kim Katy Small mammals (specializes in raccoons) 281-676-8407 (8am – 8pm)
Kulhanek, Deborah SW Houston Birds (excl. raptors), small mammals 713-723-9031 (6pm – 9:30 pm), or 832-486-4550 (7am – 5pm)
Miller, Mona Bellaire Small mammals Refer through TWRC: 713-468-8972
Moore, Nansi Katy Small mammals (specializes in squirrels and raccoons) 281-599-7206 or 713-906-4238 (8am-10pm)
Murgatroyd, Rhonda El Lago Birds (songbirds, wading and water birds, raptors) and white-tailed deer fawns 713-705-5897 24/7
Odell, Judith NW Houston Orphaned only, No adults: Birds (excl. raptors), small mamma 281-443-0191 (4pm – 8pm M-F, 8am – 9pm weekends)
Olhausen, W. Donald Spring Skunks only 713-601-6353 pager (anytime)
Oney, Janie Katy Small mammals 281-804-8783 or 281-345-4447 (anytime)
Pannagl, Heidi NW Houston Small mammals 936-449-6506 (8am – 9pm)
TWRC Wildlife Center W Houston Mammals, birds, reptiles 713-468-8972 (10a-2p) or director@twrcwildifecenter.org
Walden, Dennis W. Houston Birds (incl. raptors), small mammals (excl. skunks, raccoons 713-468-8972 (anytime), 281-856-8810 (daily until 9pm)
Wildlife Center of Texas Houston Mammals, birds, reptiles and oiled wildlife response 713-861-WILD (9am – 6pm); 713-643-WILD (after hrs)
Yeater, Mary W Harris County Small mammals (specializes in squirrels) 832-755-3731 (7a-7p)

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