Texas, Would You Eat Bar-B-Que Peach Flavor Ice Cream? Ben & Jerry’s Thinks So. #TexasChurned

In the wake of the Blue Bell Famine of 2015, Ben & Jerry’s is giving away samples of two new Texas-inspired flavors: Bar-B-Que Peach and Bourbon Pecan Pie.

The latter of those two I can imagine, but … BBQ? And will they be offering bacon bits to sprinkle on top?

See Tour Dates & Locations Here.

Ben & Jerry’s described the flavors as:

Bourbon Pecan Pie features buttery bourbon ice cream, pecans, shortbread cookie pieces and a whiskey caramel swirl.

Bar-B-Que Peach is sweet and spicy creation with Ancho-spiced peach ice cream, sliced peaches and a barbecue caramel swirl.

Ben & Jerry's has a truck touring in TexasWant to taste these amazing sweet and spicy flavors, and vote for the official Ben & Jerry’s flavor for Texas?! Just Tweet the truck and request a visit, or look for our event appearances online atbenjerry.com/texaschurned.

You can vote for your favorite flavor online at benjerry.com/texaschurned, and via Twitter by using #TexasChurned.

According to KHOU: “Ben and Jerry’s is in town giving away samples of its two new Texas-themed flavors, Bar-B-Que Peach and Bourbon Pecan Pie. The company insists it’s not trying to capitalized on Blue Bell’s listeria recall. We’ll talk with ice cream fans to see what they think of the new flavors tonight at 10.”

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