1st Choice Water Restructures Business & Rebrands as GeniSoft

North Houston’s highly rated water filtration brand and service provider, 1st Choice Water, has restructured their business model and rebranded as GeniSoft.

“Our goal is to offer clients exemplary water filtration systems and products at a much lower price than our competitors,” explains GeniSoft owner Martin Morales. “Most companies in our industry employ a robust sales team. They sit prospective clients down for three hours, and after you’ve finally figured out what you need, they tell you it will cost $4,000 or even $8,000.”

After switching from a sales-driven to a market-oriented model, Morales says they have optimized their company to provide the same high end products, but with faster service and at a more affordable price than their competition can afford.

“By empowering our clients to cut out the middle man – the salesman – we can offer our systems at practically wholesale prices,” Morales explains. “You can order online through our website, yet still have confidence knowing that you’re working with a local company that will handle installation and stand behind our products. There’s just no three hour sales pitch, which means no pricey overhead.”

The benefits of a home or business water filtration system are numerous. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that, “In addition to illness, a variety of less serious problems such as taste, color, odor and staining of clothes or fixtures are signs of possible water quality problems.”

“If your water smells like a chlorine swimming pool, or you’re noticing mineral buildup on faucets and around drains, you should consider getting a water filtration system, or at least getting your water tested,” says Morales. “Besides the obvious health benefits and making your water taste better, you can actually extend the life of your dishwasher, fridge, and even your home’s plumbing, because all those minerals clog them up and can cause the gradual corrosion of pipes and parts.”

Those interested in learning more about GeniSoft’s products and services, or taking advantage of the current 10% off sale, should visit www.GeniSoftWater.com or call 281.803.6009.

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