CorkScrew BBQ Comes to Old Town Spring!

After being named by Time Out New York as one of the 23 Best Barbecue Restaurants in American – #7 in the list in fact – Corkscrew BBQ announces some exciting news.

Corscrew BBQ has grassroots beginnings, having started out in a humble trailer in a North Houston parking lot catering corporate offices. Since then, they’ve started serving the public, opened as a full fledged restaurant, and grown to command a devoted following of foodie fans.

The latest development for the local eatery is that owners Will and Nichole Buckman have purchased property in Old Town Spring. The quaint historic community is to become CorkScrew BBQ’s permanent home.

“We didn’t want to move again. We are doing this so we can be permanent,” Nichole told CultureMap Houston. “This is ours. Bought by us in our name, and we will make this our home.”

This news will be a delight to North Houston area fans, who eagerly buy out all the restaurant’s food on a near daily basis, prompting the owners to post “Sold Out” signs once their stores are depleted.

CorkScrew BBQ’s Grand Opening in 2011

h/t CultureMap Houston

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