Houston SPCA Rescues Over 200 Abused Horses From Calico Dairy in Conroe

Stories of animal cruelty make us angry, and rightfully so. But let’s focus on the good for a moment. The Houston SPCA – The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – is dedicated to helping animals in need and freeing them from suffering, abuse, and exploitation. And they do.

On Wednesday, the owners of the Calico Dairy horse ranch, Herman and Kathleen Hoffman, were arrested and charged with three misdemeanors of animal cruelty. Each have a $11,500 bond.

Recovered from their filthy and unkempt property were over 200 malnourished, emaciated, injured, sick, and depressed horses. If it had not been for the coordinated action of many good people in the community, these poor animals would have suffered a horrific and drawn out fate.

Now, thanks to the Montgomery County District Attorneys Office and the witnesses who reported the abuse to them, these animals will be cared for and rehabilitated by the loving hands of Houston SPCA rescuers, vets, and staff.

You too can be one of the amazing people that plays a role in rescuing these poor animals. The Houston SPCA is in desperate need of funds and supplies to meet this sudden new demand for their services. To donate money, click here. To view the shelter’s Wish List of needed supplies, click here. Your contribution, no matter how small, will help change these poor creatures lives.

“This is a massive undertaking that has required and will require a tremendous amount of time and financial resources in order to save and support these horses over the long term,” stated District Attorney Brett Ligon. “The Houston SPCA is leading the efforts to provide veterinary and basic care to those horses that need it and they should be the contact for those wishing to donate their time or money to the cause. We will continue to partner with the County Attorney and other law enforcement officials to obtain justice for these animals.”

Here is a letter sent out by Patricia Mercer, Houston SPCA President:

Emaciated. Suffering from open wounds. Badly in need of hoof care. The Houston SPCA, working at the request of the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, rescued over 200 horses today from unthinkable conditions at the Calico Dairy on League Line Road in Conroe, TX.

Right now, our veterinary medical and animal welfare teams are in action providing critical care for these horses. Taking in this many animals has a significant impact on our resources, space, and personnel but it’s our mission. And we know that you believe in that mission.

We receive no funding from the government, United Way or other animal protection organizations, so we count on the support from loyal friends, like you, to help us buy food, offer specialized veterinary care and medicine, and provide the shelter these animals so desperately need.

Donating to our Cinderella Fund will help make a difference in the lives of these beautiful horses and the thousands of other animals who find shelter, care and a second chance at life at the Houston SPCA.  Please click here to make a donation and help us, help them.


Patricia E. Mercer
Houston SPCA President

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