Houston’s Own Mary Sarah Releases New Hit Country Single, “Dress Up This Town”

Mary Sarah has come a long way. The cute little singer-girl from Houston is now a beautiful young woman based in Nashville, and she’s sung alongside the likes of The Oakridge Boys, Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, and Merle Haggard.

On this day – July 7 – in 1995, a country singer-songwriter was born.

Todd and Patricia were obviously great parents for the talented starlet, because despite the worldly pull of the entertainment industry, Mary Sarah has remained faithful to her roots as a small-town Christian girl from Texas and Oklahoma.

Click Here to Download a Free MP3 of “Dress Up This Town” on ReverbNation

Mary Sarah’s voice has matured to a beautiful tone, and it shimmers with the warmth of her cheerful personality. Her latest single, Dress Up This Town, showcases the 20 year old songwriter’s artistic maturity and jubilant spirit.

Featuring folksy fiddle playing, a catchy pop-structured melody worthy of Katy Perry, and a ladylike charm reminiscent of Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift, the new single has recently been licensed by Boot Barn. Style-wise, it’s definitely pop-country, but there’s a healthy emphasis on the country side.

Maybe it’s the dancing violin arrangement, or Mary Sarah’s unaffected vocals, but something in there reminds me a bit of Keith & Kristyn Getty. Although, Miranda Lambert would likely be a better example on the whole. Dress Up This Town has a friendly Southern-girl feel going, which is complimented nicely by electric guitar and rock-band percussion.

Please be sure to tell Mary Sarah HAPPY BIRTHDAY via her Facebook or Twitter!

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