Watchful Deputy Interupts Robbery, Saves Family Tied Up in their Cypress Home

This morning, a Cypress man, woman, and their 8-year-old son were held at gunpoint and bound for over an hour while their home was ransacked. Thanks to a watchful police officer on patrol, that robbery was interrupted and the family was saved.

The family is safe at home now, but understandably too shaken up to talk to the media. Two men are in custody and three others are on the loose. The foiled burglary happened in the beautiful family neighborhood of Dunoon Bay Point Court, just south-east of the Huffmeister and Cypress Rosehill intersection in Cypress, Texas.

It was an observant Precinct 4 Harris County Deputy who just happened to be driving by, and noticed a suspicious looking vehicle in front of the house.

“The deputy constable turns around to investigate why they’re sitting in front of the house, at which time the vehicle takes off and there’s a short police pursuit,” Constable Mark Herman said, “The vehicle ends up pulling into a ditch. Three suspects flee out of the vehicle. A police perimeter was set up. We ended up catching two of the suspects.”

If that officer hadn’t realized what was going on, this story might have had a very different ending.

“This is a very, very violent group of individuals,” said Hermann. “The streets of Harris County is a much safer place with these guys behind bars.”

Photo via KHOU

Cornelius Lathers, Jr., 21, and Toddrick Cartwright, 20, are in custody and are said to be spilling the beans to investigators. Nevertheless, police are asking anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477). You can remain anonymous.

Once the robbers were interrupted they scattered like roaches, leaving guns and other evidence strewn across the neighborhood. Police retrieved a bag of bullets and a hoodie sweatshirt from one neighbor’s yard.

“[My mother-in-law was told] by the cops, not to go for a walk this morning, and then when she came back to water her herb garden, she found the gun,” Nguyen said, “And a cell phone and some clothes, but the paddle boat was gone, so we just called the cops.”

Yes. Apparently, in a fit of desperation, at least one of the thieves absconded with a paddle boat, and peddled his way across a small neighborhood pond. Because, ya know, God forbid he swim, wade through it, or just walk around.

It’s unclear whether or not this genius escape artist is one of the thugs already captured, but if not, we feel it’s safe to say he won’t make it very far.

In case you’re hazy on the definition, THIS is a paddle boat:

h/t ABC 13 Eyewitness News / KTRK

More photos are available at

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