Alamo Drafthouse Invites You To Watch JAWS While Your Feet Dangle In A Lake

This summer, Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and Texas Ski Ranch invite you to celebrate the 40th anniversary of JAWS while floating in an innertube on a lake in New Braunfels as your feet dangle in the water.

“We spent weeks scouring Central Texas for the perfect venue for this year’s event, and our search concluded when we first walked around the Texas Ski Ranch,” Alamo Drafthouse revealed. “In addition to just being an insane place where you can water ski over a manmade lake while getting pulled by a cable so you don’t need a boat, the space is beautiful, with a sandy beach that slopes down into the water, and an island across the way that’s the perfect spot for our screen and sound system.”

The event will feature satellite bars in the water, so you can go grab a beer … Of course, you’ll have to swim to the bar, in the dark, while a shark horror flick is playing, so there’s that.

The July 11th showing is already sold out, and July 25th is selling out quick. More dates expected to be added.

Get Tickets Here.

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