Nearly 30 Children Sick, 5 Hospitalized, After Chlorine Accident at White Lake Water Park

While not local to Northwest Houston, this story underlines the vital importance of careful pool chemical management. Be careful this summer:

About 25 North Carolina children became sick this afternoon after swimming in a pool that had way too much chlorine in it.  The accident happened at White Lake Water Park, around 3:20 PM, according to Bladen County Emergency Services. The park commonly hosts birthday parties and children’s events in White Lake, NC.

Park owner, Ted Hucks, said an employee turned off one of the pumps in a new wave pool, but neglected to turn the chlorine system off too. As a result, an overabundance of chlorine flowed into the water.

Emergency Services Director, Bradley Kinlaw, said five children were seriously ill and transported by ambulance to the hospital. Over 20 kids were driven to the hospital in church vans to be evaluated.

The children’s symptoms included nausea and vomiting.

After tests were done to confirm that pool chlorine levels were back within safety guidelines, the park, along with the new wave pool, remained open.

h/t ABC 6 News / WECT

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