Tomball Horse Killed by Intruder: Tips on Ranch & Barn Security

Shurlyn Boldt, an eldery Tomball resident, went out to her pasture on Thursday, July 9, to make a horrifying discovery. Her beloved horse, Revenue, lay dead in the grass with her throat cut.

Now, Shurlyn is heartbroken, and neighboring horse owners are very worried. Revenue’s killer has not yet been caught, and it’s hard to imagine how or why anyone would do such a cruel and violent thing.

Authorities are studying footage captured by security cameras in the area. Hopefully, Shurlyn can get some closure soon, and justice will be served.

If you’re interested in tightening up security on your property, here are a few ideas and safety tips that may make it less attractive to criminals:

Pasture Security Tips:

  • Keep a heavy padlock on your gate. Any thief looking to steal heavy equipment or animals is going to need to back a truck or trailer down your drive. Make that as difficult for them as possible.
  • Keep your electric fence turned on. There’s nothing like a shock of voltage to remind a fence-climber that they’re not welcome.
  • Surveillance cameras can be installed anywhere there’s power. You can even fix one up in a convenient tree or telephone pole. They’re cheaper than you’d think. Order one online and DIY install to save money.
  • A sign reading “Smile, You’re on Camera!” or “This Property is Monitored by Cameras,” will definitely make criminals think twice before trespassing.

Barn Security Tips:

  • Most intruders will simply kick in your front door. So, if your barn has a standard house-style door, make sure it has steel jambs with high quality knobs and deadbolt locks.
  • Make sure the barn is adequately lit at night time. This includes back doors, accessible windows, and side entrances. Criminals don’t like being seen, and are less likely to break in if they’re afraid that you, a neighbor, or a passerby could be watching.
  • Get rid of anything that criminals could use to break in. Things like ladders or crates could be used to reach high windows, while hammers, shovels, and bricks can break glass or smash locks.
  • Lock all windows and doors any time you’re not around, especially at night.
  • Sliding garage-style doors and sectional steel overhead doors should be locked from the inside with a heavy duty lock.
  • Window bars can provide security and make entry difficult if not impossible for a thief.
  • Motion sensor alarms, glass break sensors, and door contact sensors can easily be installed at your barn. A loud audio-only alarm may be enough to discourage a potential thief from sticking around, in addition to alerting anyone within earshot of a crime in progress. You can also set up alarms that automatically alert police when they’re tripped.
  • Security cameras can be installed to keep an eye on anyone accessing the building or trespassing near it. Simply visit Amazon and sort through the highest rated security cameras to get great insight into what system work best for you.

h/t The Pole Barn Company & KHOU News

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