Healing & Hope: Rockwall Girl Defies the Odds & Gives Back to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

When Addie Bryan was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder at birth, doctors never thought she would be able to walk, much less run. Nevertheless, thanks to life-changing treatment in Dallas at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, Addie can now walk, run and play tee ball. Now, she’s set out on a mission to help the doctors who helped her … and you won’t believe how much money this little gal has raised!

A cute little Rockwall, Texas girl, Addie was born with Larsen syndrome, a rare condition that occurs in just 1 in 100,000 newborns. It affects bone development, and poor Addie was born with clubfoot as well as dislocated hips and knees that were turned backward.

At just five days old, Addie received her first cast. She wore it for three years.

Following her amazing improvements in health and ability, Addie is forever grateful to her doctors and the hospital that gave her hope and healing.

“They do everything possible to make it where it doesn’t feel like you are at a hospital,” Jeff Bryan, Addie’s father, told Fox4news.com. “They take very good care of the kids, and they take very good care of the parents. It definitely makes it pretty easy while you’re there.”

Day after day in the sweltering Texas heat, Addie stood on a street corner selling lemonade with her friends. So far, the little lady has raised more than $13,000. How incredible is that?!

Addie says she’s donating all of her lemonade stand sales to the hospital so they can help other children, just like her.  What a big heart!

Read More & Watch the Video on FOX News

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