Houston Hits 100° & Tomball Police Department Release Surprising Info

For the first time in two years Houston has hit 100°. This may be surprising to residents who feel that’s it’s been 100° since mid June, but truth be told, the humidity makes it feel hotter than it is. Meanwhile, Tomball Police Department has released some information that many will find impressive.

“It doesn’t take long for the inside of your car to get hot,” the department said on it’s Facebook page. “Please slow down, and take a second look to make sure you don’t leave or lock your children or pets inside your vehicle when you are out and about.”

No, that’s not the impressive part.  Everyone knows cars get hot during the summer. Heck, I’ve used oven mits while driving because the steering wheel was blister-inducing. But check out this graph:

140° in 15 minutes! And even in lovely 75° weather, a car can heat up to 120° after just half and hour.  But I’ll guarantee you that’s not as hot as it can get.  I’ve had plastic CD cases and sunglasses melt – MELT – in the car.

Y’all it’s hot out there. Be extra careful. Mind your babies and pets, and if you see a child or pet closed into a parked car, call 9-1-1 and find something to bust a window out.

On average, 38 children die needlessly each year, forgotten in hot cars. That’s not including the number who become sick or need hospitalization to recover.

Heatstroke sets in when your body’s internal temperature reaches about 104°F. Like a high fever, such temperatures cause damage to your organs and brain, and can kill you. Children, pregnant women, and people on certain medications or with certain health conditions may be more vulnerable to heatstroke.

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