Houstonian Taylor Weeks Awarded “Most Beautiful Person” in Washington DC

Did you know there’s an annual Top 50 list of the most beautiful people in DC? Neither did we. Do you care? Neither did we. Until now …

All the entrants look like they could be cast members for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Of course the President and First Lady were included, along with Marco Rubio. Really not sure why Trey Gowdy wasn’t in there, but we digress. What really caught our eye was the fiery red-head from Houston who took First Place.

Her name is Taylor Weeks. She’s Senator John Cornyn’s (R-Texas) legislative correspondent, and she proudly features a Texas flag and a cactus at her desk. According to The Hill, her roommate also had to adjust to another piece of decor that Weeks displays in their Capitol Hill abode.

“It’s a white-tailed deer’s mounted butt, in the bathroom,” Weeks, an avid hunter, said with a smile. Dubbed the “deer rear,” the unlucky animal has become an heirloom of sorts. “It’s been in my family for a while. I’ll pass it on to my children.”

Another Houstonian in the Top 50 is Sophia Anwar. The former White House intern now works as a legislative correspondent for Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-Mich.) and loves being a part of the House freshman’s office.

“It’s a fun environment,” Sophia said.

Kimberly Willingham is the only other Texan in the bunch. From Fort Worth, Kimberly is the communications director for Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas).

The Texas native and her soon-to-be husband, a lawyer, will be tying the knot next month. “Summer weddings are fun!” exclaimed the die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan.

When she can escape the chaos of work and wedding planning, the journalism major takes solace in writing. “It’s a great release and outlet,” Kimberly said.

Read More @ The Hill

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