“Welcome Home!” Said The Cobra: Snake Terrorizes Loft Residents in Downtown Houston

Ethan Shear was just arriving home to his luxury downtown Houston high-rise after a long day at work.

“I turn the corner I hear a guy scream ‘watch out,’ and there’s a cobra,” Ethan said. “And I just back up. I may have let out an expletive or two.”

Yep. There was a cobra wandering the premises of the posh Rice lofts in downtown Houston over the weekend. Perhaps he was touring the area looking for a new luxury pad?

“It was sort of just hanging out in the middle of the hallway,” Ethan explained. “It had raised its head a little bit like you would see in Indiana Jones or something. Enough to know ‘I should not go near that.'”

That’s when Ethan snapped a photo. “I thought, ‘If I don’t take a picture, who’s gonna believe me?'”

Colby Lewis, another resident, says someone ran up to him and said to call the police because they’d just almost been bitten by a King Cobra. Colby thought they were joking, but when he went upstairs to the third floor, he saw the lethal Asian serpent slithering down the carpeted hallway.

After police were called, a pest control company captured the snake.

“I’ve had several experts look at [the photo], and they all do believe it is a cobra,” said Jarrad Mears, Division Manager for Animal Control for BARC.

Jarrad says Animal Control is following up with the pest control company to find out where the snake is now. They’re also trying to figure out where it came from in the first place.

“We’ve heard from other residents that there was another resident who resided at that apartment months ago that did have a cobra in his possession and he was asked to leave, so that’s what we’re following up on right now,” said Jarrad.

Loft managers recruited a snake expert to search the apparent for more snakes, but none were found. Nevertheless, Jarrod is warning residents to watch their step just in case.

Needless to say, it is not legal to keep venomous snakes as pets in Houston. Whoever owned this cobra and then somehow managed to lose it – and didn’t bother warning anyone – will hopefully get into some kind of trouble. Thank God a child didn’t approach it.

h/t KHOU News

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