Tomball Mayor Gretchen Fagan Announces Main Street / FM 2920 Improvement Plans, Requests Community Input

The City of Tomball has applied to TxDOT for funding to improve Main Street / FM 2920 from Four Corners Shopping Center at 249 to Willow Street.

“We’re now in the public comment period,” explained Tomball Mayor Gretchen Fagan. “The Houston Galveston Area Council wants to know what you think. Please take the time to send an email telling them you support the Tomball Project.”

You can email The Houston Galveston Area Council at

As Tomball has experienced unprecedented growth, Main Street has become a source of concern for locals, because parking is extremely limited and traffic gets bogged down near intersections. The new plan includes adding a turn lane that runs from 249 to Willow Street. This will alleviate congestion due to people trying to turn from the center lane.

“[TxDOT] will actually take land from the front yard of our office on East Main so the turn lane can be implemented,” explained Mayor Fagan. “We see numerous accidents every month when someone is turning and they get rear ended.”

Another aspect of TxDOT’s plan is to remove street-side parking so that Main Street is consistent with the rest of FM 2920. For this reason, the City of Tomball purchased the vacated Tomball ISD building to make its parking lots available to the public, in addition to adding lots on Elm Street and behind City Hall.

If funding is approved, Tomball City also plans to include sidewalks from Four Corners to Willow Street, repairing current sidewalks and adding new ones where needed. This will not only make shopping and tourism more convenient for pedestrians, but it will also clean up the curbs all along Main and appear more aesthetic and coordinated.

“We should here about the grant funding in September,” said Gretchen, however, “construction would not likely begin until 2018 or 2019.”

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