Tomball ISD Implements New Strategic Plan To Empower & Engage Students

At 8:00 AM on  Monday, August 17, Tomball ISD will host a meeting at Tomball High School to unveil a new five year strategic plan to prepare for extraordinary community growth, enhance academic excellence, better engage students, and empower teachers to provide a warm and supportive learning environment.

“Tomball was at a point, because of growth, new schools and new staff, that it was the time to come together and make sure we are sharing a common belief, a common vision and a common mission, and our district goals,” Martha Salazar-Zamora, Tomball ISD’s chief academic officer told The Houston Chronicle.

Texas Association of School Boards Assistant Executive Director Robert Duron presented Tomball ISD Board President Lisa Nicholas with a certificate for earning the distinction of Master Trustee. Nicholas was one of 35 board members to earn the distinction after completing Leadership TASB, a program sponsored by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB).

In addition to better supporting graduates as they embark on their college educations and careers, the district also hopes to attract additional highly qualified educators and staff. The plan includes a vision and mission statement, a list of goals that is accompanied with an action step to ensure each aspect of the plan is being incorporated at the appropriate time.

N2 Learning founder Roz Keck helped the district develop their plan.

“If they are used the right way, they will drive the work the district does, they will drive the focus, and drive the budgeting process for the district,” she said. “It serves to keep everybody working in the same direction, and it prevents a district from getting caught up in the next new thing.”

h/t Bryan Kirk at The Houston Chronicle

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