WHATAPATRIOTISM! Whataburger Posts “One Nation Under God” in Restaurant Windows

This is not exactly a new story, but it’s been making the rounds on social media again lately, and is super relevant. Whataburger, the Texas original burger joint that’s been a family favorite since 1950, has the following message posted in their restaurant windows:

Pic courtesy of Tracee Evans, Willis, Texas.

They sell T-Shirts too.

And you can Like them on Facebook.

For their smart business management, friendly customer service, and nostalgic all-American persona, Whataburger has been awarded the Texas Treasure, the Texas Family Business of the Year, and the Hot Again awards.

Most customers rally behind the message:

“Next time you pull up to a Whataburger look at the windows for the sticker that says ‘One Nation, Under GOD, Indivisible,'” one blogger challenged. “When you look at it ask yourself what does it mean to you?  When you look at it think of the many men and women who have fought for that.  Think of how many men and women in the armed forces have selflessly went into harms way for you.  How many people on our soil protect you everyday for you to live One Nation, Under GOD, Indivisible!”

Another blogger pledges allegiance to the company, saying, “My Family and I support Whataburger because they know the Truth!”

Keep in mind, these are people who felt so passionately about this window that they devoted the time and energy to write an entire blog about it.

Nevertheless, other customers were not so happy (their spelling, not ours):

“Whataburger is a Christian company and posts ‘one nation under god indivisable’ in all of its windows,” complained a forum poster on the Democratic Underground. “I called their corporate headquarters to ask why they post something that advocates the merging of church and state. The answer I got was that Whataburger is a Christian company. I won’t be going back to Whataburger. If they want to shove their church state beliefs, fine. I don’t have to pay for it.”

Another forums poster on Shaggy Texans said, “I’m really sick of political and religious $#@! being thrown at me at completely unrelated times. It’s like ‘God Bless America’ at baseball games.”

Both of the complaining posters were met with responses such as, “You need a tissue, crybaby?” as well as more vaguely concerning remarks like, “Sounds like a portion of the Pledge Of Allegiance.”

Um … Yeah … It is from The Pledge of Allegiance. You get a Gold Star!

Anyhow …

What do you think?  Do patriotism and/or faith help or hurt businesses, and why?

4 thoughts on “WHATAPATRIOTISM! Whataburger Posts “One Nation Under God” in Restaurant Windows

Add yours

  1. Im all in favor of their public stance! Must ppl who disagree with it haven’t understood USA history, and probably would fit in better with cold war era Russian anti theologians. As far as most Texans, we thank you Whataburger for your great ALL AMERICAN food (esp your combo 2)and knowing what is further more to be True. God bless y’all. -Rodney


  2. You should read the constitution, you know, the part where it says FREEDOM OF RELIGION?
    Funny how republicans always scream “protect the constitution” and then don’t understand what it means.


  3. It helps in conservative communities, definitely hurt it in liberal ones. Especially with the anti American movement going on now where anything Christian or pro-American have been labeled evil by the left.


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