Home Decor Inspiration From Gallery Furniture in Houston

My husband and I recently toured Gallery Furniture in hope of getting some decorating and design inspiration for our home. I gotta tell you, that store has changed over the last decade. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still family owned and Texan to the core, but they’ve really stepped up the quality and style of their inventory. It’s gorgeous! Check it out:

Living Room Decor:

I absolutely adored this red leather sofa. They had surrounded it with natural wood tables and an earthy brown throw rug, which really made the couch pop. I also loved the contrast that the natural textures of the tables with the posh luxury look of the couch created.

Another character piece, I loved the script on the upholstery of this chair. Let’s face it; structurally this is a pretty solid-yet-average chair, but that fun fabric totally makes it a conversation piece.

This couch, which I guess you could call “luxury theater seating,” was amazingly comfortable. My hubby loved it. And yes, my fellow mommies, the cup holders are removable for easy cleaning!

Here’s another great example of script upholstery. The cushions feature a beautiful handwritten font, making an otherwise pretty-but-tame looking couch really elegant and creative looking.

I know I know. Me and my bold-sofa-love. This one is a dark turquoise, and I loved, loved, loved, how the sunflower yellow lamps contrasted it, and tied in with those funky striped pillows. Notice how the circular pattern on the room divider behind the couch reflects the shape of the upholstery button impressions in the couch back. Neat idea, right?

I took this picture because, THE BOOKCASE. Look how amazing it is! The carpentry, and the sheer size and solid build of the thing, is just incredible. Note how they took a timeless looking wood piece, and contrasted it with quirky modern lamps. You’ll notice the mixing of patterns, styles, and colors throughout our tour.

Yep. Here’s another example. Now, most people would have white walls and a green couch. I found the idea of switching things around to be fun and creative. Again, look at the diverse pattern assortment, yet the colors all tie in beautifully. The lily pads in the oversized painting, and the husky quality of the lamp shades, make the natural wood in that pretty carved end table tie in nicely.

Again with the textures! Here a modern looking leather sofa set is combined with a rustic looking wood coffee table.

Speaking of tables, check out this little number! The top is a solid slice of beautiful wood.

Did I mention the mad assortment of styles? This is the most detailed coffee table I’ve ever seen.

Seriously, it’s ORNATE. It was paired with a couple of elegant but plain sofas, allowing it to be the undisputed centerpiece of the room.

This lamp, which I have dubbed “The Barnacle Lamp,” typifies something I noticed about almost all of Gallery Furniture’s lamps. They featured elaborate, artistic, and beautiful bases, but rather muted and drab shades. It makes good decorating sense when you think about it … and it makes it a whole lot easier to find a replacement shade when you need one.

Another cool lamp that I liked. This one looks so rustic, and again featured a plain muted shade.

And I can’t leave out their spectacular mirrors! These huge oversized mirrors in stunning frames of all shapes and designs made even the smallest set seem big, and really added a lot of light too.

And check out these crazy coffee tables! I’m not sure how I feel about the antlers seeing as how my toddler and three year old would probably have way too many run-ins with them, but I am absolutely crazy about the gorgeous wood and natural shape of the wood tabletops.

Dining Room:

Someday, I want to own this table. The wood is just so incredibly beautiful, and they even preserved the natural bark and shape of the tree. I LOVE IT!

Another of my favorite dining room tables. This one has so many gorgeous colors and textures in it. It’s like a wood puzzle.


I loved these pillows. The brown ones are leather, and of course the upholstered one has an ornate bird and cage design. I just happen to be obsessed with birds.

We were particularly looking for bedroom furniture, and the storage options this King sized bed offered were very much appreciate by us. You can never have too much storage, can you? I’m thinking it would be perfect for keeping linens nicely stored yet accessible.

I loved the look of this upholstered bed. Also notice the assorted variety of patterns in the bedding and pillows. All in all, the bed is stylish, but color-wise it’s a blank slate. It’s really the pillows that give it a bright modern look.

In Closing:

We had a really fun and inspiring trip. The kids loved seeing the monkeys and parrots, and looking at all the beautiful things.  From elegant-yet-practical to over-the-top-charismatic, Gallery Furniture had a very broad assortment of pieces. This is actually just a fraction of the photos I took.

You can see more of them on our Facebook Page.

Visit Gallery Furniture at:
6006 North Freeway
Houston, TX 77076
They also have locations of The Grand Parkway and Post Oak. These photos were taken at their North Freeway location.
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