Rescued From A Dumpster: The Inspiring Story of Gizmo, A Tiny Kitten

On Tuesday, June 23, Spring resident Kathy Chairez was busy at work when her coworkers began talking about two cats they’d seen loitering about a dumpster. Kathy didn’t think much of it, and already has five cats of her own. Later though, as she was leaving for home, she decided to check out the dumpster and see if the felines were still there. What she saw tugged at her heart; two tiny kittens, exhausted from heat, and very, very sick.

“They were sick babies with no help,” Kathy told The Pink Armadillo. “They would have died in that heat with no care. They were very easy to catch because they were so sick.”

She named the black and white boy kitten Rocky, and his tiny sister, Gizmo.

“Rocky was the stronger one,” Kathy recalls. “We went straight to the vet at The Corner Vet at Champions and 1960. Gizmo only weighed 5 ounces. She had a swollen eye and head, swollen stomach, missing hair, and was covered in fleas. Rocky weighed 6 ounces, had ringworm, and a small eye infection.”

Undaunted by the little critters’ terrible conditions, Kathy invested in veterinary treatment, medicine, and care supplies.

“We went to PetSmart to buy bottles, milk, kitten food and other supplies,” she says. “After three visits, The Corner Vet refereed us to Critter Fixer Pet Hospital on Louetta, so that Gizmo could receive more intensive care. She has a secondary micro-ophthalmic eye infection, ringworm, a swollen stomach, and was suffering from dehydration.”

In addition to investing her own money in the rehabilitation of these poor abandoned kittens, Kathy works around the clock to administer medicine and take care of the tiny cats.

“Gizmo has been on three antibiotics now, and she’s on eye drops,” Kathy says. “I give her eye drops three times a day, and will do that for the next five months, At that point, we’ll have to decide if we want to give her eye drops for the rest of her life, or remove her eye. In five months she’ll also be old enough for us to spay her, and the vet said he could do both surgeries at the same time.”

But now, after going through so much and investing so much money in veterinary care, Gizmo’s new mom needs help. Kathy and her husband James have committed to keeping Gizmo, guaranteeing her a long an happy life, but the expense of helping her recover from her rough start in life came as a surprise, and it seems the cost of care is going to be ongoing.

“Right now both her eyes are infected, but her left eye is the worst. It will always be smaller than the right eye. Her eyes stay watery and small. James and I decided to keep her because we love her.”

“We just didn’t expect her medical bills to be ongoing and cost so much. It’s been a lot of work too. Every week we give her two baths and one lime dip, plus medication three times a day. But we’re not giving up on this sweet little girl.”

You can help Kathy out by donating through Gizmo’s Go Fund Me Page.

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