Season’s Harvest Cafe: The Charming Farm-to-Table, Whole Foods Restaurant in Cypress

In an old country home in the farmland of Cypress off Shaw road, near the outskirts of Tomball, is a restaurant that doesn’t feel like a restaurant at all. It feels like home. It feels like the warm and bustling atmosphere of a good friend’s house.

The natural exposed wood and a great stone fireplace provide a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of a bed and breakfast.

An expansive patio deck surrounded by trees and a beautiful pool make the perfect place to socialize. In the warmth of the sun, the smell of pine and a nearby herb garden are fragrant and refreshing.

The wait staff is quaintly attired; girls in long skirts with flowers and ribbons in their hair, and young men in khakis and dress shirts. Everyone is friendly and hospitable. The owners are a Christian home-school family who use the restaurant to teach their kids entrepreneurship and business management, so don’t be surprised if a spry young girl in pigtail braids sets your table or refills your lavender tea.

The food however is what really makes this place incredible. I had a “salad,” which turned out to be a delectable smorgasbord of extraordinarily carroty carrots, ruby-ripe strawberries that tasted like sunshine, sweet juicy grapes and blueberries, crunchy nuts and celery, homemade croutons that bordered on addictive, tart dried cranberries, crisp cucumber slices, adorable micro-greens, and a generous dollop of goat cheese. I was in Heaven!

This is not what I’m used to getting when I order a salad. This felt more like eating a small garden.

Everything in the restaurant is locally sourced, farm-to-table. Because of that, the menu changes frequently depending on what produce is in season and what harvests are most plentiful.

The chickens of Season’s Harvest, photo by David Reynolds

Egg laying hens wander the property. Every dish is made with whole foods, that are as organic and hormone-free as possible. They also do an excellent job of catering to clients with allergies, offering gluten free, and even vegan dishes. Homemade drinks, like mango limeade, apricot infused iced tea, and watermelon juice with fresh basil are served up in Pinterest-worthy mason mugs.

Fresh squeezed juices and herb infused teas, photo by Season’s Harvest

We haven’t visited for breakfast yet, but it’s rumored to be incredible. In fact, Trip Adviser ranks Season’s Harvest as #1 out of 210 restaurants in Cypress. Depending on the season, the breakfast menu includes items such as buckwheat or buttermilk pancakes, omelets, and breakfast sandwiches and tacos. Based on the incredible breads and dishes we’ve enjoyed there so far, I’m definitely looking forward to breakfasting there … hopefully on the patio surrounded by trees and birds.

Homemade, whole grain bread, fresh eggs, an omelette, and buttermilk pancakes. Photo by Shirley Neyhart‎

Beket and Joanne Griffith are the owners of Season’s Harvest. In the past they’ve only been open from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday, for breakfast and lunch. However, as of last night, they’re launching a dinner menu, starting on Friday nights from 6:00 to 10:00 PM, and they’ll be expanding to other evenings soon.

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Season’s Harvest Cafe
17303 Shaw Road,
Cypress, Texas 77429
View Map

(832) 534-8686

The Griffith Family, photo via Season’s Harvest
Homemade pecan pie, photo by Season’s Harvest
Free roaming chickens perch on a planter made from an upcycled old bathtub which sits below the patio. Photo by Tracey Lee Wallace‎

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