Sergeant Jeremy Talbert, Struck By An Intoxicated Driver, Expected To Make Full Recovery

On Sunday, August 23, Sergeant Jeremy Talbert, a six year veteran of Harris County Precinct 4, was standing in the street directing traffic along Kuykendall Road. Suddenly, a driver high on drugs crashed into Talbert’s patrol vehicle, and then directly into Talbert. The officer was thrown 40 feet across the pavement right in front of oncoming traffic.

Thank God, no other vehicles hit him, but Talbert sustained massive injuries including head trauma, and was life-flighted to Memorial Hermann Downtown in critical condition.

“Just the amount of blood there at the scene immediately you think possible brain injury,” Constable Herman said. “Obviously the man upstairs was looking out for Sergeant Talbert.”

Amazingly, after several surgeries, Talbert is breathing on his own, has regained consciousness, and is even speaking to his family and caretakers. He’s got a long and painful road ahead, but is expected to make a full recovery.

The impaired driver, 20 year old Vincent Sanfelippo, admitted to arresting officers that he’d been doing drugs. After toxicology reports confirmed the presence of drugs in his system, investigators charged San Felippo with intoxicated assault.

“This incident is a reminder of how dangerous it is for the men and women in law enforcement out on our streets,” Constable Herman said.

h/t Tomball Potpourri & ABC13 Eyewitness News

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