Deputy Darren Goforth’s Funeral, As Told In Photos

Yesterday, Friday, September 5, was the funeral of Harris County Sheriff Deputy Darren Goforth’s family. Over 11,000 mourners attended, including Governor Greg Abbott, former Harris County Sheriff and 2015 Mayoral Candidate Adrian Garcia, and Precinct 4 Constable Ron Hickman.

Over 11,000 mourners filled the sanctuary of Second Baptist Church.

The casket was draped in an American flag and flanked by two officers.

As his family is lead out, Deputy Goforth’s daughter surveys the huge crowd gathered in her father’s honor.

Officers saluted Deputy Goforth before proceeding to the back of the sanctuary.

Deputy Brandon Herlong has organized a GoFundMe Page for the Goforth family. All funds go to his wife and children. Please consider donating at

“He was just a very likeable good guy, and I will say this: He will be missed,” said Lt. Rolando De Los Santos, a friend of Deputy Goforth’s since childhood. “I’m gonna miss him greatly.”

Between music and memories, Pastor Young preached and prayed for the fallen officer and his family.

The crowd wore blue and black.

After the service, attendees proceeded outside for further ceremonies. Fire trucks displayed an American flag, while the church’s flags hung limply at half mast.

The family exited last, followed by the casket of Deputy Darren Goforth, as onlookers saluted them.

Sheriff Ron Hickman presented the flag from Deputy Darren Goforth’s coffin to his heartbroken wife, Kathleen.

Deputy Goforth’s children, Ava and Ryan, were also presented with tokens of remembrance. Kathleen bore a thin blue line tattoo on her left arm; the arm she used to salute her late husband’s fellow officers.

Four helicopters flew in formation overhead, with the fourth parting away, to symbolize the departed officer.

There was a 21 gun salute.

The coffin was carried to the hearse, as Deputy Goforth’s fellow officers saluted.

Governor Greg Abbott offered his condolences to Kathleen Goforth.

As Deputy Goforth’s service came to a close, it began to rain.

Earlier during the ceremony, Lt. De Los Santos shared a heartbreaking story. Shortly before his death, Deputy Goforth had bought himself and his son matching Captain America shirts.
They had never gotten to wear them.
They both wore them on Friday.

Sr. Deputy
Darren Goforth

Darren Goforth, 47, was born June 19, 1968 and passed away, Friday, August 28, 2015. He is preceded in death by his mother, Carol Armstrong Coffelt and father-in-law, Robert Allison. He is survived by his wife, Kathleen Goforth; daughter and son, Ava and Ryan Goforth; father, Allen Goforth; mother-in-law, Wanda Allison; brother, John Goforth; sister, Debbie Ferguson and husband, Jimmy; brother-in-law, Steve Allison; sister-in-law, Heather Hope-Allison; nieces and nephews, Holly Ferguson, Jillian Ferguson, Emma Allison, Eleanor Allison, Scott Goforth, Valerie Michos and husband, Dan.

Special thanks to Quy Tran Photography* for these beautiful images, and generous permission to share them. Inquiries: 832.372.6928

*Except where otherwise noted, all photos are Copyright © 2015 Quy Tran Photography.

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