NW Houston Community Mourns Tyler Wade, Teen Murdered During A Home Invasion

Tyler Wade was a happy – and exceedingly blessed – 17 year old boy. He attended Tomball Memorial High School, loved playing football, and had a beautiful girlfriend. On November 2, the unthinkable happened.

Tyler Wade

A home intruder armed with a baseball bat and a knife broke into the Wade family home in the quiet neighborhood of Wildwood at NorthPointe.

Tyler’s parents were not at home, but after frightening his 12 year old sister with a knife, the intruder made his way up the stairs where he attacked Tyler while the teen was taking a shower.

Tyler’s little sister ran next door and alerted a neighbor – an off duty firefighter – who promptly rushed to the Wade residence armed with a gun. When the criminal refused to back down, the neighbor shot Tyler’s attacker dead.

Tragically, Tyler did not make it.

“My brother made it out of the shower and half way down the stairs looking for my sister, knowing the guy was still in the house,” explained Tyler’s older sister, Tiffani Hickson. “He died a hero trying to protect my sister.”

Tyler is best known for his love for his family, his engaging personality, his respectful and kindhearted demeanor, and his athletic ability. This week, and no doubt for a very long time to come, Tyler’s friends and family are trying to grapple with a senseless tragedy.

While a motive is not know, what is known for certain is that a friendly, popular, and talented young man has been lost, and he died trying to make sure his little sister was OK.

To help the Wade family cover the unexpected funeral costs and other expenses, Tiffani has set up a GoFundMe Page where people can send donations.

“Rest easy Tyler. Thank you for making football practices memorable and for lighting up the training room every time you came in.” – Bailee Mears, Tyler’s friend

Tyler Wade in his Wildcats uniform for a school photo.

2 thoughts on “NW Houston Community Mourns Tyler Wade, Teen Murdered During A Home Invasion

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  1. This article does not state that he was on the football team. However, KPRC and other local news stations have published photos of Tyler wearing his Tomball Memorial High School Wildcats Football uniform both in games and for school photos. So, it seems you are misinformed.

    I’ve updated the article to include photos of Tyler playing football for the Wildcats.


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