French Congressman Thanks Houston For Paris Vigil: “We Are Exactly What The Islamists Hate.”

On Sunday, Houstonians gathered at Miller Outdoor Theater in Hermann Park for a vigil of solidarity called, “Houston Is Paris.” Similar vigils were held by thousands of mourners all over the world. The theme of the event was “Vive La France.”

As live jazz music played, people stood in the dark, using glow sticks to honor the City of Lights.

“French people and the American people are together,” Aurelie Moreno, a Paris native with a beautiful French accent told FOX 26. “We can combat these bad people, so I’m really proud to be here.”

French Parliament Member Frederic Lefebvre was so moved of the the outpouring of love and support that Houstonians were planning, that he flew to Houston from Paris in order to attend the vigil. Lefebvre described Houston as a peaceful haven after the painful realities unfolding in his home city.

“It was terrible,” Lefebvre recalled. “So many attacks – eight attacks on our heart of life – because we are exactly what the Islamist hate.”

He also stated that thanks to the overwhelming support of people around the world, France would be able to move forward, even in the face of so much tragedy.

“It’s important now more than ever to show that we’re altogether all of us,” said William Shaw, a Houstonian born in Paris. “No matter how different we are, it’s not just the French but America too. The values of freedom and democracy is what we stand for.”

Event organizer, posted a message of thanks after the event on his Facebook page:

Dear friends,

Thank you for all your love, support and friendship over the past few days! Tonight, more than a thousand of us in Houston bonded together to show our support for the French community, and the values for which it stands: liberty, equality, fraternity, love, life, and the pursuit of happiness.

The thought of terrorism making such a barbaric and gruesome intrusion into our lives never truly crosses our mind. These tragic acts were meant to inflict fear, pain, and loss. And that they did. But I know my country, I know our people and I know that we are stronger, I know that we are more united, and will be relentless in this war on terror.

A special thank you to Miller Outdoor Theatre, Houston First, City Hall Mayor’s Office, JCI Houston, and French Member of Parliament Frédéric Lefebvre.

H/T FOX 26 News

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