Mark-1 Plumbing Sues AutoNation Ford For Selling Branded Truck To ISIS Terrorists


When Mark Oberholtzer sold his old 2005 Ford F-250, emblazoned with his Mark-1 Plumbing logo and contact info, he never expected a gang of ISIS thugs to wind up driving it across the Syrian desert with an anti-aircraft gun mounted on the back. But that’s what happened.

Mark sold his truck to Autonation Ford Gulf Freeway back in 2013. Not long after, a photo of Mark’s truck went viral online, resulting in numerous death threats against the small business owner, harassment, and over 1,000 phone calls per day from all over the USA.

So how the heck did ISIS get Mark’s truck? Well, if you’ve ever wondered how terrorists procures their vehicles, auctions are apparently one working method.

As shown in a recent lawsuit filed by Mark against Autonation Ford Gulf Freeway in Houston, a CARFAX History Report reveals that the truck was sold at a Texas auto auction on November 11, 2013. A month later it was exported from Houston to Mersin, Turkey, just a stone’s throw from Islamic State territory.

The unfortunate plumber is now suing Autonation Ford Gulf Freeway for not following through on their promise to remove the plumber’s business logo. In fact, Mark says that before leaving the truck with the dealership, his son was actually in the process of peeling off the logo, but a salesman stopped him explaining that AutoNation would have it professionally removed so as not to damage the paint.

Obviously, that never happened, and Mark says the resulting scandal ruined his business and severely upset his life.

What would be really interesting to know is who is the purchaser who bought the truck and had it sent to Turkey? Are they here in the Houston area? Do they have ties to ISIS? If so, what are authorities doing to ensure that this person is caught?

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