Trader Joe’s Recalls Exploding Ginger Brew

Pregnant mommas beware! Trader Joe’s — including The Woodlands, Katy, and Houston area locations — has recalled all their Triple Ginger Brew (SKU 51857) sold between 11/9/15 & 12/14/15 because the $2.99-per-bottle sodas have a tendency to explode, rather like herbal-infused grenades.

Apparently, the spicy ginger pop is totally safe to drink, but some unfortunate customers did experience unopened glass bottles shattering or bursting, which would create quite the sticky mess all over the inside of your fridge or pantry. So, either take it back, or bottoms up ASAP!

According to the FDA, customers who purchased the volatile brew are encouraged to “handle it with care and dispose of it immediately in an outside container.”

We imagine you should run as fast as you can to the nearest exterior door and chuck it, kinda like this:

Trader Joe’s will provide a refund to customers who bought Triple Ginger Brew at any of their store locations.

Trader Joe’s The Woodlands is located at:
10868 Kuykendahl Rd, The Woodlands, TX 77381
Phone:(281) 465-0254

You should visit them. They’re awesome!

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