Attorney’s Zany TV Ads Go Viral: Bryan Wilson, “The Texas Law Hawk”

We’ve all chuckled and made fun of those hyper-dramatic lawyer advertisements on TV. Whether they’re awkwardly grim or over-the-top angry, so many of them are just … well … weird!

Instead of trying to make a serious commercial, one young Fort Worth area attorney decided instead to poke fun at awkward lawyer ads. So far he’s produced two satirical commercials featuring motorcycles, explosions, crazy cops, and even hungry, hungry hippos.

His name is Bryan Wilson, and he calls himself The Texas Law Hawk. After earning his BBA in Finance at Texas A&M, Bryan enrolled in Texas Tech’s School of Law to pursue his passion and dream of becoming a trial attorney. Bryan graduated in the top 7% of his class, and after several years in practice,  Fort Worth, Texas Magazine named Bryan a 2014 Top Attorney of Tarrant County.

But despite the seriousness of his work ethic and credentials, Bryan’s got a zany sense of humor which he’s not afraid to showcase.

In fact, Bryan’s ads are so goofy, they’ve gone viral. Check ’em out:

Which on is your favorite? Tell us below!

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