Drivers Rejoice! Grand Parkway 99 Between Cypress, Tomball, & The Woodlands Opens Feb 8

Rejoice, all ye northwest Houston drivers and loathers of traffic! TxDOT has just announced that the Grand Parkway segment that connects Cypress to The Woodlands will open on Monday, February 8, greatly reducing traffic and chopping some folk’s commutes to work substantially.

Tolls on the newest segments, dubbed F1 and F2, are slated to start on February 15, so if you don’t have your EZ Tag yet, now is the time to get one.

F1 is 12 miles long and connects US 290 with SH 249. F2 is another 12 mile trek, and connects SH 249 to I-45.  This means that a commute via Hardy Tollroad or Sam Houston Parkway that used to take 45 minutes to an hour would basically be cut in half.

“It’s going to be a direct shot. They can get right on the Grand Parkway,” Raquelle Lewis, Houston District of the Texas Department of Transportation told ABC 13. “We’re certainly glad to be at a point where we can put traffic on the road now.”

The whole northwest Houston area is already experiencing tremendous growth as new businesses sprout up all along the new Grand Parkway 99, and new neighborhoods are under construction across Cypress, Klein, Spring, and Tomball.

In addition to many new jobs opening up in the area, hundreds of prospective residents are seeing the value of living in small suburban communities that feature easy access to larger cities like Katy, Houston, and The Woodlands.

In the past few years, Tomball has attracted many a business, big and small, including Baker Hughes in 2012, and Packers Plus, which will relocate into Tomball Business & Technology Park this year. Exxon Mobil relocated to Spring, TX in 2015. Their enormous campus accommodates 10,000 employees and sits on 385 wooded acres just south of The Woodlands.

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