MotherViews: An Interview With Melissa Wilson, FOX 26 Reporter & Houston Working Mom

Melissa Wilson

To kick off our new series showcasing some of the Houston area’s most amazing moms, we interviewed Melissa Wilson of FOX 26 News about how she juggles her career as a journalist, time with her kids, and home life. We also asked her for advice and helpful tips for other working moms.

Melissa WilsonWell known as an award winning journalist and medical reporter, Melissa is among the Greater Houston area’s most tenacious and passionate advocates for health and medical research.

Among other charitable endeavors, she advocates and donates her time serving on The Susan G. Komen Houston Advisory Council, and also covers many stories for Texas Children’s Hospital. An incredibly accomplished and hard working mother, she has two adorable boys named Zachary and Caleb.

In 2013, Melissa confronted every mom’s worst fear. At the age of 6, her precious son Caleb was diagnosed with Leukemia. Since then, she and and her husband David have been vocal about their faith, advocating for cancer research and awareness, and remaining incredibly strong through Caleb’s painful and frightening ordeal.

While her brave little boy’s journey has had many terrifying and disheartening ups and downs, Caleb’s prognosis is good, and he continues to overcome and persevere through treatments that are often an ordeal in and of themselves. You can follow Melissa’s blog, Caleb’s Courage, here.

What do you think is the hardest challenge about being a working mom?

I think the most challenging thing about being a working mom is getting enough rest!  There is always one more homework paper to check over, another dish to wash, another backpack to get ready for the next day, a lunch to pack.  It seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  It’s also easy to put everyone else first – that’s what Moms do!  Every once in a while, I allow myself a relaxing day out with my Mom or girlfriends and try to rejuvenate.

What’s something special you and your children love doing together?

When I tuck-in my children at night, we love to create very dramatic stories.  Both of my sons will each give me a topic (and they’re always completely different subjects), and I’ll begin to build a story around them.  Each child continually adds to the story.  Most of our nights end in fits and giggles, and we can’t wait for the next night, to see what we’ll be able to come up with next!  This also helps end “bargaining” about their bed time, because they always look forward to our crazy stories.

What’s something you’ve learned that other working mom’s might find helpful or inspiring?

I can’t live without my To Do Lists and reminders in my cell!  I even have to schedule “take my children for a walk with the dog”, or it just won’t happen.

We sit at the table every single night, no electronics or TV allowed, and discuss our day.

We make our own family traditions for every holiday and come up with non-traditional ways to celebrate, so that it feels special.  It also always makes us look forward to the next holiday.

I put “inspirational & love notes” in their lunch-boxes every day.  I thought they both probably tossed them in the trash before any of their friends could see, but I recently found a huge stack of them in each of their rooms.  I couldn’t believe they BOTH kept them, so it meant way more to them than I realized or they ever vocalized.

I try to spend one-on-one time with each child every day – even if it’s just for a few minutes, so that they feel close to me.  I want them to always be able to talk to me, and I think that relationship has to start early in life.

Jennifer Grassman and The Pink Armadillo would like to sincerely thank Melissa Wilson for taking the time to interview with us!  You can follow Melissa on Facebook and Twitter.

Melissa Wilson

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